Alison's Tally of Killed Spiders in the Cottage


  1. spindly, on bathroom ceiling near fan
  2. spindly, on bathroom ceiling near shower head
  3. spindly, on bathroom ceiling near toilet
  4. in my bed that I didn't get to kill but that bit me on my stomach 4 times


  1. BIG but not thick, in shower near cold knob
  2. spindly, above bed -- left him alone


  1. spindly, above bathroom sink -- I let him go in nature
  2. spindly, near from door -- let this one go in nature too :)
  3. spindly, above bed
  4. HUGE body size o' dime, extremely black, but I didn't get to it in time to kill it so it's now stalking me from somewhere in my house


  1. little, in shower
  2. spindly, on broom -- let go
  3. the biggest spider I've ever seen outside of a museum -- it's body is a spherical dime and there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm getting close enough to this thing to kill it, no way in hell:


    1. little one on ceiling
    2. little one on ceiling
    3. big one in shower
    4. big one above bed
    5. big one by mobile


    1. big one on ceiling


    1. little one and big one cohabiting in shower
    2. (so this space is for the second of those two)


    1. spindly in shower
    2. big in shower


      I'm trying to stop killing them. It's taking effort. More lion-sized ones in the garden hurt my mental health. And that one from above is still there...
    1. spindly in shower
    2. spindly in kitchen


      My trying to stop killing the spiders went well (I let a HUGE tiger one go! On the broom, of course, 'cause I sure as hell wasn't gonna touch it), until on Halloween, when I went on a rampage:
    1. SIX spiders above my bed
    2. FOUR spiders on the walls


    1. GIGANTIC spider in shower. This thing was freakin' huge. And I killed it by squishing it between two bottles, since a) I was naked and b) it was on the shower curtain. I felt like someone in "Psycho", but the killer was a spider on the shower curtain instead of a guy with a knife.
    2. Moderately big on on the bathroom floor (I think that had it not been for the one in the shower, I would have ignored this baby).
    3. Three spindly ones above my bed.


      Just in case you were wondering if I lost my vicious streak: I have decided to try to live in piece with spiders for a while so that all the relatives of the spiders that I've killed don't come and kill me in my sleep. It's been going pretty well, especially since it's not fall, so there are less spiders. Plus, it's really just the big ones that I hate, and the only ones I've seen lately are spindly. As long as they don't touch me we're all good.


    1. HUGE BLACK-WIDOW-ESQUE dude in bathroom. Ew.

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