Other Folk




People I live with:

Ash: Our mini schnauzer, Mr. Barkypants.

B/Brandon: My main squeeze. "Seven pounds of sexy in a six-pound bag."

Bacon: A guinea pig.

Nicky: Our cockapoo, Mr. Cuteface.

Riblette: Another guinea pig.

Snowy: Yet ANOTHER guinea pig.

Places I've worked:

The Temple Of Doom (ToD): Otherwise known as NBC Internet (NBCi). I worked in the Snap business unit ("The Best Part Of The Company") before we merged with Xoom ("The Crappier Part Of The Company"). I don't think Xoom is crappy, but it was fun to write about them that way ;) I worked there from January 3, 2000 to February 16, 2001.

The Underground: I worked at Grand Central Networks, Inc. after NBCi until I was laid off December 11, 2001. This is what prompted me to make the big move from California to Wisconsin.

"Corporate People": I was at WEA Trust from April 15, 2002 until September 03, 2004. It was really weird compared to my last jobs; I had to dress nicely! Ack!

The newest place: No name for it yet, but I'm out of the corporate world, thank goodness. I did some contracting between Corporate People and here, though.

The Exes:




Chris redux

M/Murray (and Molly, his ex-wife's daughter from before they were married who lived with us half the time)