This Alison Chick




I started the "secret page" as a way to express myself. (I used to expect that no one would read it if I gave it a complex file name, like, and didn't link to it from anywhere else. That's why it was called the "secret page." Didn't work, damn spiders.) For a long while I used it to give coded messages to two seperate people, hoping they would accidentally stumble on it, feel incredible guilt at the pain they had caused me, and crawl back to me, apologizing profusely. That didn't quite work either. Finally, when I had gotten all of that out of my system, I realized that it would be more fun to actually do my own thing instead of worrying about whether or not all of my hidden messages got to their intended recipients. So, this journal isn't as pouty as it used to be :) I have definitely changed a lot since 1996, and it really does show in these entries.

This journal has been, on seperate occasion, a way for people to:

  • Learn about the enigma that is me (no ego, eh? hee hee)
  • Find something to use against me
  • Learn something about the screwy human psyche
  • Feel lucky that they don't live the life I do
  • Feel jealousy that they don't live the life I do
  • Wonder why in G-d's name I am so petty
  • Alleviate boredness
  • Notice that my entire life isn't about Del Amitri
  • See how cool lists are
  • Realize that no one should communicate with me online, ever, because I might transcribe it for later


  • I'm 29. "My, you're practically a lady." ("The Sound Of Music")
  • I am from the Bay Area, but I moved to Wisconsin at the end of January, 2002, where I met my now husband. He kicks ass. (So what if I moved here for another guy? It was the right thing to do, in the end! :P )
  • My last job in California was as a software engineer for Grand Central Networks in San Francisco.
  • My last job in Wisconsin was as a contractor for a small company called Smart Solutions. Prior to that, I was a software engineer for WEA Trust, in Madison. I like keeping my current place of work secret.
  • I went to college in Santa Barbara, and graduated with degrees in Computer Science (engineering) and Religious Studies.