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justin at cafe du nord

June 14th, 2010 at 10:30

Justin Currie is touring in support of his newest album, “The Great War”, and hit up San Francisco at Cafe du Nord last night. Caroline and I had made dinner reservations to ensure that we had a place to sit and food for our duel fetuses, and we decided to make it a “sisters-only” event in the spirit of all great Del Amitri/Justin shows. :)

I had the following SMS exchange throughout the day:
Do you need guest tickets? Oh, this is justin on a new US cell!
Thanks! We already purchased some… We’re actually getting there early for dinner.
You shouldn’t have! I have a 5am start tomorrow morning so I am going to try to make a sharp exit so I’ll try and get there early to say hello.
5am is not a real hour of the day. What time are you going to be recording Greg Ferguson? Some guy emailed me about it because he’s trying to plan flights for LA.
I think I might have messaged (is that a verb?) him on Facebook but it is tomorrow, thus the flight at stupid o’clock.
My husband says that mothers invented 5am to scare their kids out of joining the military.
Well, it’s scaring the hell out of me!
This insanely hot weather is not normal, btw.
If I had not been stuck in a baggage claim hall since two o’clock waiting for a vehicle I might be rather enjoying such conditions.
There’s a woman here in line with purple hair — you’ve reached the hipsters!
She must be in the wrong place. Just having a nap so will come say hi when I can.
You text really well for someone who is asleep!
I am stuck backstage trying to warm my shattered voice up. Come to the dressing room 10 mins after. Sorry!
Poor voice!
I have been going “PA PEE PE PE PEE PA PEE PA POH POO POH PAA” for an hour and I still sound like Tom Waits getting out of bed.
$5 says some fan would pay good money to hear that.
Also, purple-haired woman is actually older; her hair is normally white. I am now salute her instead of being derisive.

At the venue, they literally sat us in the lap of the performers — we were the first table right in the middle, so we had amazing seats. People who knew me from other shows or the site kept stopping by to say hi, which was neat, and we got to sit next to a couple of people who we’ve seen shows with before, which was fun. Also, the food was really good; I have never seen so much bacon on a BLT (I actually donated some to Caroline’s burger, there was so much). BACON!

The opener, Jaymes Reunion, hales from Dublin (California, so they were “at home”), and we had some good banter with them (whoever seated us up there had no clue that I am physically unable to not talk to people on stage, bwahaha). They’re probably one of the best openers I’ve seen for a Del-related band (although Josh Clayton-Felt will remain my personal opener high-point). [Funny side note: when they were playing, the food came out for all the tables in the front, and Cameron commented on how good it smelled — so I made a comment along the lines of “Hey, you should sit down and eat, since you’ve been doing all the work thusfar, and make Braydon do the show.” I was trying to reference the fact that Braydon hadn’t been at the previous three shows but it sounded at first like what I was saying was that he’d just been sitting around during the actual show itself. Afterward, I apologized for the initial inference, and then Cam said it made Braydon really “shred” on his solos. I said, “Yeah, he was probably thinking, ‘Check out THIS solo, bitch!'” Apparently that was very funny and they were laughing about it still after the show itself. :)]

For Justin’s set, there were a number of equipment issues (mainly pedal/monitor/PA related) throughout the night, at one point I told Justin and Peter it was the Lack Of Evidence Curse. Bwahaha. Also, Sprout was having a field day during the show, kicking me constantly. In-utero rave!

Set list:
Always The Last To Know
A Man With Nothing To Do
Move Away Jimmy Blue [including monumental pedal failure; Justin looked REALLY happy about that, and the fact that when he asked for stage lights he got… nothing…]
As Long As You Don’t Come Back
[Requests: I asked for “Evidence”, of course, and Justin, who couldn’t see anyone even though he was literally standing feet from me, laughed, said “I know who you are,” and I said, “Hey, that’s my only schtick!” to which he replied, “That’s your only heckle!” And then confessed that he played it in Minneapolis, to which I shook my fists — not that he could see that.]
Just Like A Man
At Home Inside Of Me
Anywhere I’m Away From You
Tell Her This
This Side of the Morning
The Way That it Falls
What Is Love For
Driving With The Brakes On
Can’t Let Go Of Her Now
Don’t Come Home Too Soon (pieces) [Caroline noted that there is no “Cup” at the end of “World Cup”, while Justin pondered the different stresses people put on it — World vs. Cup]
Make It Always Be Too Late
Not Where It’s At [What I call “The Stripper Version”]
The First Rule Of Love (pieces) [I said, “Don’t worry, we got the idea” and he said that if he played the whole thing we’d all be committing suicide]
The Fight To Be Human
[fake encore charade bit — they didn’t leave the stage, said they were pioneering a rock revolution where they didn’t participate in the charade of encores]
Out Of My Control
[There was a super, super drunk guy in the audience who started heckling Justin and Peter at this point about their accents, which was… baffling. Justin said “I love you!” and the guy replied that since Justin was not a girl, he could only like him. Justin said he was offended.]
Be My Downfall

After the show you could tell that Justin was trying to get stuff together to leave as fast as possible — he was so rushed that I was pretty sure there was a good possibility that we wouldn’t get to talk to him at all. He had to break down the stage and people were constantly trying to interrupt to talk to him, so Caroline and I just sat down and talked to each other and some of the other fans. Then he came out to give us hugs and we groused a little about how bad the venue had been (apparently like “playing in a cabinet”); he congratulated us on our bellies, and he mentioned that he was pleased that so many people on this tour really seemed to know the new songs, especially compared to the previous tour. (We’d noticed that ourselves — each time he played a song from the record a distinct section of audience would cheer.) We also talked about how much fun Craig Ferguson will be and he asked me if a lot of people watch that show (I said yes — don’t make a liar out of me, people!).

After talking to him and then sending him off to bed, we said hi to Peter and congratulated him on his own new album (at first he thought I was talking about Justin’s album), then we spent a while talking to the Jaymes Reunion guys (Cameron and Braydon). Anyway, the show was great, talking to Justin (although brief) was awesome as normal. Woot woot!

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  1. Caroline Says:

    Woot woottttt!

    That was fun.

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