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are we really doing this again?

January 29th, 2010 at 15:42

Some guy started a fake Justin Currie account on FB to try to drum up fan support: good.
He wrote, “On top of this every person who joins this page is expected to get at least 5 people they know to buy Justins [sic] new record.”
I commented that such an argumentative post was surely not a good way to start out the fan page. I mean, don’t we want to be as positive as possible around new fans?
His response: “Theres no point beating around the bush Alison. Thats the whole point of this facebook page. Thanks for you support, I know you have been doing it for years as it stands. Cheers”
I said, “Meh, my point is honey >> vinegar”, and he responds: “You dont have a point. Nobody ever goes to anymore. This is time for the new breed to make it happen. The same with OV – Nothing ever happens there. Ever. Why be like this? You were the same when the dels uk site launched. Just support the theory behind it without having cheap shots at a nothing comment. ”

Oh, hai, Kevin all over again.

I love that somehow people think I’m competing with them for some sort of ultimate Del Amitri fan status. YES, THAT’S REALLY WHAT I CARE ABOUT. Not the fact that you make an artist look like a huge asshole by falsely representing him on Facebook and then being a complete dick.

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