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Thanksgiving wrap-up

November 26th, 2009 at 22:34

The good news: nobody has reported food-poisoning yet!

Hee hee. Honestly, according to Brandon, my turkey was “astounding” for a first attempt :) Everyone raved about both the moistness and the flavor, which made me really happy that I decided to brine that HUGE BIRD OF DOOM. I followed the Alton Brown roast turkey recipe, but I started brining it on Tuesday night, and I used a trash bag in the fridge instead of a 5-gal bucket. When we put the temp probe in originally, it apparently was hitting a bone, because the turkey hit 161 WAY too fast (freaking me out because it seriously threw off my time line for cooking), and when I moved the probe the temperature fell ~60 degrees. When the probe finally did hit 161, we couldn’t decide whether or not the bird was actually done, because when we moved the probe it still fell short of 161. However, the pop-up timer (included on the bird) was out, and when we cut into the breast it looked good. B found a few spots deep in the bird that were undercooked (which actually bugs me and makes me feel like a cooking failure far more than it should) but on the whole it came out AMAZINGLY. It was very, very moist, and VERY flavorful. :D

The rest of the food was great, too. Since the stuffing wasn’t cooked in the bird like we usually do, we had to add a lot of stock to moisten it, but it was yummy. My sister’s pie and salad were fantastic, as was the gravy, beans, potatoes… and there were tons of leftovers for everyone.

Katie and Riley played together a lot, and well; they are so generally good with each other that they remind me of siblings. :) Since Riley had been sick last night, she was not into food very much, and Katie skipped her last nap so she was a bit grumpy during dinner and didn’t really want to eat either. Both of them were dressed for the holiday, with Riley in a fancy skirt and shirt and Katie wearing a zebra-print dress (very mod indeed).

The best part for me, besides being with and enjoying time with my family, was how I felt in this house — incredibly at home. It is so comfortable here, in a way that I haven’t felt since even Wisconsin; I’m proud of our home, and how good it feels to be here and to share this space with people we care about. That was incredibly gratifying for me.

Thanksgiving, indeed.

Also, holy crap, this kitchen is fantastic to cook in, and THANK GOODNESS for a dishwasher! I wouldn’t imagine cooking this huge of a meal and serving it on china w/o one — no, I think I’d be using bamboo plates at that point!

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