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November 4th, 2009 at 9:39

Last night at Mom’s Gone Wild (a dinner event for the mom’s from my mommy group, which occurs once a month, when we saddle our partners with the kids and tromp off for conversation and food/bev) I made up words to NIN’s “Closer”, to be sung along with the “Rock-A-Bye Baby” version:

I want to rock you like a babybean!
I want to feed you from the boo-bee!
I want to rock you like a babybean!
Put a cloth dipe on your bum,
Lay you to sleep with a hum!

Also, for posterity, the version of “Cherry Pie” we sing to Katie:

She’s my punkin pie!
So dang cute brings a tear to Daddy’s eye!
All the other babies think she’s supa fly!
Sweet punkin pie!

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