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my pre-work nightmare

January 14th, 2009 at 13:43

Last night I dreamed that I went to pick Katie up from daycare and our provider was feeding her crackers, and that she had somehow sprouted a bunch of teeth in the front, even though she was still only three months old (although she was a very mature-looking three months). When I told the provider that I was not okay with it, she wouldn’t STOP feeding Katie, so in my dream i was making us find a new provider while, at the same time, freaking out that somehow she wouldn’t want to stop solids and take breastmilk anymore.

Then, in real life, Katie cried for food at 4 am. She obviously knew I was having a bad dream and wanted me to wake up. I was SO thankful for her little mewls, and even more happy to lay her in bed next to me for the two hours I had before I needed to get up and ready. Obviously my subconscious is somehow equating daycare/work/pumping with her no longer needing me, bah.

Brandon took her to daycare for me this morning and I teared up when they were leaving. I managed not to cry but I certainly felt like crying. Work is going well today, though. It feels really nice that so many people missed me (or at least claimed to, hee hee).

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