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*strangles uterus*

September 29th, 2008 at 9:40

So yesterday, I was … “enjoying” some really strong contractions, which I wrote a small post about at 4pm because I like to chronicle these things for future generations (that generation being surely embarrassed that her mom even knew what the internets were, or something). They had been going on for an hour at that point (I was watching “Top Design” because I didn’t really need to pay attention to it, woot), but stopped in time for us to go see “Ghost Town”, which I insisted MUST be seen before Punkin enters the world.

Aside about that movie: It was awesome. Ricky Gervais is incredible, like I knew he would be. *swoon* It was really awesome to see him do some serious character work, because while we see glimpses of “serious” at the end of The Office and throughout Extras, there’s never really a scene like a specific one in the movie (involving him looking at himself in a mirror).

Anyway. Contractions started up again a little during the movie but never got back to the point where I had to concentrate on relaxing like I had earlier that day. And, of course, I have had nary a sign of them since, because my body is a tricky beast.

Brandon has declared that non-labor contractions are evil (even though they’re productive, blah blah blah) because they are clearly distracting and make you wonder if you can make any serious plans. I was being bitchy about us buying steaks at the grocery last night because I was worried that I’d end up going into labor and they’d be wasted. *sigh* And, I slept for crap last night (I think I logged 5-6 hours total) and had a dream that the baby was pushing her face up towards my skin so that you could see it a la this photo from Gabriel Knight (but not fangy).

So, I’m at work today. I have an appointment for a car seat inspection later this morning but I don’t anticipate otherwise coming within 100ft of a hospital any time soon :)


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