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an article that rolled my eyes into the back of my head

August 26th, 2008 at 14:34

After reading this article, B and I had the following conversation:
(01:31:15 PM) Alison: wow
(01:31:19 PM) Alison: ths article makes me sad
(01:32:47 PM) Brandon: Doesn’t it?
(01:33:03 PM) Brandon: Also, your little toe affects balance. Clip it off and you’re more tippy.
(01:33:26 PM) Brandon: The appendix is considered to be a flora repository for the intestines.
(01:34:21 PM) Brandon: And saying male nipples are useless shows a gross misunderstanding of sexual dimorphism in organisms.
(01:34:39 PM) Brandon: Also, the article is terribly depressing.
(01:34:48 PM) Brandon: But the end of it made me roll my eyes.
(01:35:40 PM) Alison: it amazes me that she is letting the little things about her husband build into something worth divorcing over.
(01:35:50 PM) Alison: because, you know, she’s entirely without flaw.
(01:36:05 PM) Brandon: Well, running her over with the car is at least worthwhile.
(01:36:09 PM) Brandon::D
(01:36:17 PM) Alison: totally an accident:P
(01:36:19 PM) Brandon: But him being a cheerful morning person?
(01:36:55 PM) Brandon: I was like “Wow, talk about a downer attitude towards life.”
(01:37:35 PM) Alison: I watch in frustration as my son desperately tries to talk to Will through a newspaper or computer screen or whatever other large, flat surfaces fathers place between themselves and filial communication, and yet I know in my heart that I would be mightily hard-pressed to remove this father from his son’s house.
(01:37:44 PM) Alison: how about TALKING TO YOUR HUSBAND ABOUT IT, YOU WENCH?
(01:37:54 PM) Brandon: Or removing the newspaper from his hands?
(01:37:55 PM) Brandon::D
(01:38:01 PM) Alison: or teachign the son how to?:P
(01:38:24 PM) Brandon: “If daddy ignores you and reads the newspaper, you can whip it out and pee on the paper. I give you permission.”
(01:39:06 PM) Alison: i am so doing that:P with your computer. lol.
(01:39:08 PM) Alison: or a book.
(01:39:09 PM) Alison: hee hee.
(01:40:06 PM) Brandon: Talk about yellow journalism.
(01:51:10 PM) Alison: the ending was stupid, btw.
(01:51:14 PM) Alison: of that article.
(01:52:46 PM) Brandon: Yes it was.:D

I’m sure that the author’s husband is proud to have a wife who espouses feminism like that. Because honestly, if you don’t hate your spouse, what kind of feminist are you?

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