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SPD and baby dreams

July 26th, 2008 at 9:34

After a day of SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) I’ve decided to explain how it feels: like humping an axe. Or, as if you were riding a guy’s bike and then suddenly braked really hard and hit the bar right in the pubic bone. It’s awesome.

I dreamed last night that my stomach was more like a kangaroo pouch, and I could unbutton it and look at the baby and all the padding (which looked like blankets) in there. While the baby was connected to me via the umbilical cord, she could breathe (because her lungs weren’t fully cooked) and talk. At one point, I somehow got far enough away from her that she started saying, “Mommy! Mommy!” until I came back. My mom was amused when I asked her if she’d heard it or if it was my imagination (she’d heard it as well). Then I thought about how I definitely would have to post about it to my blog. :)

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