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crazy weekend++

April 21st, 2008 at 13:37

The past few days have been a whirlwind.

Thursday: Caroline, or Change. Afterward, I found out that Tapioca Express is open until 11:30pm on most weeknights. While that is awesome in many ways, it’s a teeeeeeny bit far to drive on a whim. I’m currently trying to find a good milk tea joint a little more north. My normal desire for boba is high, but my pregnant desire for boba is almost constant. I seriously could use an IV drip of the stuff (if the pearls would fit into my veins w/o killing me outright).

Friday: Dinner in San Francisco with Sari, her parents, and my parents. Hunan Home’s is a really awesome Chinese restaurant on Jackson St., and apparently my morning sickness has gotten to the point that I can almost eat an entire meal! Granted, it’s half the size of how much I used to eat, but progress is being made. We talked about babies and being pregnant a lot, but it wasn’t the only topic of conversation, which was a relief (as much as I like being the center of attention, it never feels fair to talk about being PG the entire meal when you’re the only one who is enjoying the wonders of it :) It was awesome talking to my parents and Sari’s parents about it, though. I’m also stoked that Sari is moving back to CA next month. :D

Saturday: Seder at the Dina’s parent’s. Having Rachel there was great, and it was fun hearing Dina’s family reminisce about how they used to react to my piercings and hair dye; it’s almost like having another set of parents comment on what I was like growing up. Also, the seder went SUPER fast (and as usual, charoset + maror + matzo = Alison’s favorite dish). Brandon was happy that it wasn’t vegetarian (like the first seder I took him to).

Sunday: We went for a long walk with ye olde pups, then our neighbor across the street had us over for dinner. She made a really nice chicken dish with an awesome salad that helped my avocado cravings, but I could only eat about half of it, which made her worry that I didn’t like it. I’m pretty sure that at some point soon I’ll start packing on the pounds, but since I’ve only gained a few so far, people seem shocked at how big mah belleh is. :D

Today: Justin Currie at Cafe du Nord, woo!!!

Tomorrow: Pup play date!

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