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a day with a pirate

March 22nd, 2008 at 19:55

I was up very late last night helping with a work release. Apparently this is “good karma”, which I find silly, but since I’m one of the lucky few who hasn’t been first-tier on response for a long time, I figured I could help out.

However, enter: freakish and unnerving dreams about coworkers. Yow, subconscious.

Then, this morning I went into Twin Peaks and picked up Susannah (userinfoohsochewy) for a fun day around the area, including the Palace of Fine Arts (which is being retrofitted, which put a huge cramp in her “dance around like Mike Meyers” plans), and the Marin Headlands. I could not stop exclaiming how amazing the weather was, because it was, in fact, amazing. I didn’t need a jacket at any point (which is pretty big when you’re a weather wuss like myself).

We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Corte Madera (we headed north since her aunt was eventually picking her up in Larkspur) and did a little shopping. Hanging out with my Madison friends makes me realize that I really need to load a bunch of them in the back of a van and drive them, through the dead of night (and at very high speeds so this only happens over the course of one evening), out to California. Do you hear me, people?! PACK A BAG.

Purchased: three cute shirts, a cute sweater, and a skirt. SKIRT!

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