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Belize: dive sites

February 6th, 2008 at 8:47

Here are the sites we dove in Belize:

Off Turneffe Caye:
Amberhead South (some people also did North)
Coral Gardens

Off Half Moon Caye:
Lighthouse Reef
Tarpon Caves
Dolphin Pass

Off Long Caye:
Quebrada (my fave dive — I spotted an octopus IN THE DAYTIME!)
Long Caye Wall

It’s kind of boring to hear about dives so I’ll just say that holy cow, the reefs are PACKED in Belize. Here are pics taken by others on the boat:
From Wilbur
From Bob

You can see just how absolutely gorgeous is was there. We did one night dive but … eh. I do NOT enjoy night diving, partially because it scares the crap out of me — imagine floating there, blindly, having very little idea where you are because you can’t really use visual markers. The fact that a huge tarpon was following us around making its creepy tarpon noise and then eating anything we shined a flashlight on did not help the situation.

So, diving in Belize? Two thumbs up from this girl.

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