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Belize, day #1 (01/19/08)

January 28th, 2008 at 11:04

I am back from Belize! I have an awesome external ear infection to show for my diving, but it was TOTALLY worth it.

We left on a 6am flight last Saturday, stopping over in DFW on our way to Belize City. When we arrived, our driver Paul was there waiting to meet us, with Alison (who was starting a one-week trial run on the ship with us) and Jeff (from Florida). We drove into Belize City, and I pestered Paul with a lot of questions about what we were seeing on the way (for example, all the banners for PUP/UDP were for the upcoming election between the People’s United Party and the United Democratic Party), and were dropped off at the Princess Hotel while our luggage was bussed to the ship (with Alison) so we could eat dinner and poke around (food didn’t start on the boat until the next morning).

I can’t say that I was impressed at ALL with the Princess. Beyond being incredibly run-down, I didn’t really want to gamble in their casino and a walk of the grounds proved uninspirational at best, so we three sat down at the bar to wait until the dining room opened. When we asked after the local beers, all three of us asked for Belikin stouts, and the bartender actually asked us if we were sure. We were… and YUM, is that a tasty local brew. After two of them we were all feeling mightily pleased with ourselves and had dinner, a buffet of BBQ meats.

I don’t know what it is that people in Belize do to their chicken when they cook it, but man, all the chicken I had there was fall-off-the-bone tender. It was awesome.

After dinner, Paul picked us up and drove us to Save-U, a local supermarket. The boat we were staying on, the Nekton Pilot, follows strict DAN guidelines about diving and thus doesn’t provide carbonated or alcoholic beverages on board. However, you can bring your own (although your first alcoholic drink of the day means you’ve already had your last dive of that day), so I stopped a couple in the market and asked them to tell me what they thought was better: 1 Barrel or 5 Barrel aged rums. “1 Barrel gets you higher,” he laughed to me and his girlfriend. Thus, the decision was made. (We also bought a couple of 2 liters of Coke Light for good measure.)

When we got to the Pilot, we all jumped out immediately and started meeting the crew. It turned out that 11 more people were scheduled to be on our ship for the week, but thanks to Continental being awesome with the foresight (they somehow failed to notice that one of the tires on the plane was getting worn, and then the next day it turned up flat in Houston, but they had to fly in both a new tire and a crew to change it) the entire group (who were together — The Tyndall Dive Club from Florida) had to stay overnight. So, we couldn’t go out to sea that night. Jeff proceeded to get drunk and B and I went to sleep.

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