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December 6th, 2007 at 14:12
  1. Matt and Kelly’s visit this Friday/Saturday! Wee!
  2. Service release party this Friday…. mmm made-up-alcoholic-beverage.
  3. Chapter event on Saturday needs staff!
  4. I’m broken, broken, broken, broken, broken…
  5. Where the hell did my receipt from my dentist visit go?
  6. Must. Buy. Pillows.
  8. Kate and Angel are coming next week! Woot!
  9. Shit, I need to buy presents at some point.
  10. Babies! Babies! Babies!
  11. I wish it would rain harder.
  12. Self-indulgent gossip-philes need to leave me the hell alone.
  13. I wonder if Doug and Maxine are going to be at Christmas. I hope so!
  14. *squashes feelings of guilt to do what is necessary*
  15. I miss my sissyface.
  16. I also miss my Jennaface, Andreaface, Laurieface, Pattiface… It’s easy to have multiple best friends when each one knows you in a different way. <3
  17. Kristin and Andrew should live with us so Nicky and Ash can chase Swee Swee and Lex around.
  18. I wonder if I can help Amy with her move in any way.

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