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the middle and the ride back

November 26th, 2007 at 11:48

Seeing Santa Barbara again was… incredible. I really, really missed that city, and the flood of memories that came at me while walking around downtown, on campus, and in IV was amazing. I forced Brandon, Matt, and Kelly to take me virtually everywhere on campus, and we recalled classes that we had in certain buildings and I broke into (via an unlocked door) Ellison Hall to see if LSIT/SSCF/HSSC was still there (the lab that I worked in throughout college as helpdesk). We walked by the Hillel building and I kept saying, “I BUILT YOU!” (I was president and helped raise the money to build that sucker).

*sigh* It was nice. Too bad Appethai is now a Giovanni’s Pizza place. I wonder if Jenna or John care. :)

We wanted to make sure that we picked up the pups from the kennel on Sunday, so we left VERY early. We rode 154 to 101, then stopped about every 50 or so miles to try to warm up because it was not only cold, but we were both a little tired still from the ride down, so we were getting sore more quickly. We had breakfast in Los Alamos at a very cute little restaurant, and also stopped for coffee in King City; the only notable thing about the ride was the man in the bigass truck in Prunedale who apparently thought that it was unfair that we could lane-split in stopped traffic and pulled so far to the side of his lane that he almost hit the guy in the other lane. The guy in the other lane kept moving left to give us space, so the truck kept moving left to cut us off; it was insane.

Anyway. Total mileage for the trip: 637.

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