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November 24th, 2007 at 10:43

Brandon and I started the day driving down 101s. B thought that 1 hit 85 directly so we took 85, but he bypassed 17 (because he didn’t know that was the easiest way to get from one to the other), so we eventually pulled over and decided to take 152 in Gilroy over to 1s. 152s was really nice — there was an awesome, more technical curvy section before it straightened out and joined with 1 in Monterey, and it went through a lovely redwood grove (that was a little chilly) but also had a kickass view of the valley.

We stopped for lunch in Big Sur, where gas was a full dollar more expensive than it was in Menlo Park. Holy cow, $4.35/gallon? Ouch! Also, it turns out that we found the most expensive restaurant ever as well, but the food was tasty and other riders were hanging out there, as well. (I had a caesar and some butternut squash soup; B had a seared ahi salad.) Of note was the family sitting behind Brandon drinking Bud Light with their little girl, out of glasses. I didn’t know Bud Light deserved glasses.

Brandon and I (or, just I) soon determined that not having a Chatterbox or some form of communication device was Not Great. There’s no good way to tell the person in front of you that you want to do X when you can’t catch up to them and when they aren’t pulling over very frequently. We tried to work it out during lunch in Big Sur, but B told me to a) honk and b) turn my turn signal on early. Apparently these things don’t work when a) you’re wearing earplugs and b) the sun is shining into your light casings anyway, making it hard to tell when they’re lit. He endured a bit of yelling at by me before we started riding again, at which point he used SCUBA signals instead (which I know). However, I didn’t think having to pee warranted using the full-on “HOLY SHIT COME AND GET ME” signal that people use at the surface, so again we had problems. Now we’re all figured out, though (except that he was flashing his brights behind me while we were on 101 so I thought something was wrong because it was so dark that I couldn’t see him).

Taking 1 was… gorgeous. There were some sections where the view was absolutely stunning, and you’d get that salty-spray smell while coming around a curve. It was breathtaking. After a while, it was also very tiring, so I was happy when we got into San Simeon (and I waved at Hearst Castle) and things straightened out. At San Luis Obispso, B let me take over the lead since I know the area, and we blew down 101 to get to Santa Barbara through the pass that I’ve always hated driving because it’s windy and dark and there’s no street lights. Also, at this point, I was cold to my core, the batteries in my socks had stopped working, and extremely sore (especially my knee, my right shoulder, and my right hand). So, I tried to bust us through that section as fast as possible but ended up riding with my brights on and pulling over a lot more frequently (hi, Buellton!). Eventually we got to Goleta and I was completely flooded with memories. (I haven’t been back here for 8 years, next month!)

We got a little lost getting to Matt and Kelly’s house because, when I transferred the directions from email to a piece of paper in my tank bag, I completely left out a turn. Eep. However, when we did get here, it was SO good to see them. We went to State St. and had dinner at the SB Brewing Company, and I regaled B with tales of places near where we were (Natural Cafe == Jenna’s favorite restaurant, Iron Cross Tattoo == sketchy place where I got my navel pierced, the James Joyce == where we used to drink non-beer and hang out by the fire place, Starbuck’s == the place that held Jenna and my favorite store). Then we came back and made cookies and watched half of the Fifth Element (to be concluded tonight).

Matt and Kelly (and Boris the kitty) are kickass hosts.

So, now we’re going to go back downtown for brunch and to check stuff out. I can’t wait to see this place in the daytime! :)

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