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November 21st, 2007 at 16:26

I dropped my bike off for its 600 mile service and let them know that the last time I was driving on the freeway for an extensive amount of time, the oil pressure light went on. I pulled over, turned the bike off, and it went off and hasn’t come back on again. The guy asked me if I was sure it wasn’t the FI light and I said, “It was red and had a picture of an oil can. I’m sure.” I even explained that I had looked into it and there were a few reports of Ninja 650s with faulty oil pressure sensors.

I go to pick my bike up and they tell me the light was the low fuel light. UH NO. The low fuel light came on right as I arrived, is markedly different than the oil pressure light, and… wtf. I’m not a moron. Then I look at the paperwork and it says “investigate FI light” and then “problem was low fuel light.”

Thanks, thanks a lot for that. *eye roll*

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