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i’m a supastah

November 17th, 2007 at 16:58

Hot damn did I rock at dirt biking today.

First off, I am now a speedy little thang on the green trails. I somehow managed to get myself on a blue trail and realized right as I saw a ton of pretty intense moguls (what do they call those when they’re made of dirt?), slowed down too much, stalled, and fell over. After much effort and help from B, I got over them and did the rest of the trail… which in turn made me even speedier on the green trails. So, I decided I wanted to tackle that blue trail again, this time knowing what was coming.

Holy crap. This one section, called Knob Hill or something like that, was INSANITY. I almost bit it three times but kept going and blew on through to ride over the Ridge Road again (gorgeous). So, we did another blue trail (Adobe Road) and I kicked ass there, too! I also practiced locking up my back wheel going down hills (in dirt you do this on purpose) and that was awesome. Brandon had about nine kinds of praise for me today :)

I installed my heated gloves when I got home. They are SO toasty warm. I need to figure out where I want to put the thermostat, though. :)

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