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yay motorcycle stuff

November 16th, 2007 at 20:17

We went to the Cycle World International motorcycle show in San Mateo today. It was awesome! Not only were there lots of great bikes and people who love to ride, but there was a Gerbing booth as well as four places that make custom earplugs. I had been wanting a pair of Gerbing heated gloves, but I wasn’t sure what size/style, so having the ability to try them on was super cool — and the lady gave me a free cover (a $10 value!). I had been idly throwing around the idea of getting a pair of custom earplugs that I could plug into my iPod, but then I realized that I am not really at the point where I want to ride around not only being unable to hear road noise but also listening to music. So, I got some normal plugs. (Those little foam ones don’t work for me because I have teeny ear canals.)

Anyway, I feel much better now :D

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