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November 8th, 2007 at 17:17

The rules that govern BBYO have changed a bit since I was a member.

Membership is now $75/year when it used to be $24.
Everything is done online. (This is HUGE. Of course, when I was a member, I was like, the first person evar to have a website.)
Members are not allowed to drive themselves to regional conventions and they’re not allowed to drive themselves over 15 miles to a BBYO-sponsored event. (People in the South Bay used to drive to convention all the time.) I’m not sure if the 15-mi rule applies to overnights or all programming, though.
If a member take meds and brings them to convention, a staff member or advisor has to keep and dispense them.

I actually wonder if these rules were in place back then but just weren’t enforced because of our own regional policies.

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