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walking == overrated?

October 14th, 2007 at 12:35

Friday was a gorgeously rainy day, so Brandon and I opted to go dirt bike riding yesterday (also, I was feeling pretty damn healthy). The park in Hollister was CRAZY busy because it was the first weekend that red stickers are allowed (short explanation: vehicles that don’t have spark arrestors are more likely to start fires so they get red stickers and are only allowed out during the wetter season; our bikes DO have spark arrestors so we’re green-stickered), but we eventually did find a place to park and hit our first trail.

Uh, yeah, I’ve become wussy. I was riding WAY slower on the first track (Rancho Road), testing out my leg (turns out I have a lot more muscle atrophy than I thought, and even standing on the pegs to help absorb some shock from the bumps). The second track (Harmony Gate), I could feel my leg getting tired, and was also actively scared about going downhill. The THIRD track was a very easy one, so I passed people up and giggled a lot more. On the fourth one (Rancho again) I finally “got a pair” and sped up a lot, but at the end I could barely stand on my weakified left leg so we opted for home.

Holy crap do I hurt today: shoulders, thighs, and my poor knee.

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