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Yay Stardust!

August 22nd, 2007 at 15:24

Brandon’s birthday was yesterday, and I treated him to a showing of Stardust. Oh, Ricky Gervais, how could you be more perfect?!

This week at work has been jam-packed. My team had to finish self-assessments by EOB Monday, so most of us spent that day lamenting that we don’t understand/like the new (to them… I’ve never done an assessment here before) layout or we though the language checker was funny. (It told me that “short”/”shorter” and “slow” were all questionable words to use in my review, because they could be insulting to people who are vertically or mentally challenged. Uh.) I am also trying to finish a project ASAP so I can deliver it before I head to Chicago next week, so I keep getting into the lovely “code haze” that develops when you think about the same problems for an extended period of time.

Yesterday, the fire alarm went off, and Thursday, we’re having a dinner BBQ. MMmmmmmfire.

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