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wormy lady

May 27th, 2007 at 10:51

(10:22:34) alibee: um, lemme see if i can describe it.
(10:22:45) alibee: i was more watching it then in it.
(10:22:55) alibee: it was almost like an episode of law and order or csi or something.
(10:23:18) alibee: and we were trying to protect this little kid with awesome powers at the same time that a group of bad people were trying to get at him.
(10:23:41) alibee: the main chick had powers too, but nothing compared to the kid we were trying to protect.
(10:24:25) alibee: so the main chick kept returning to the base to get fixed up after fighting.
(10:24:57) alibee: at this point we found out that the main chick, either unbeknownst to her or not (we didn’t get that far), was actually replaced with a giant… uh… alien worm looking thing, and i woke up going “ewww” before i knew if it was a bad thing or not.
(10:25:17) alibee: they would like, turn her off, then she’d turn into the worm, then they’d kill that one and replace it with a new one and then give it the same look she had had.

This is my second dream I’ve remembered that’s insect-related. In the actual dream they were in an airport-like facility trying to get out. There was a part where the bad people actually shot the main chick in an airport bathroom while she allowed the other two to escape, but it didn’t even really hurt her.

Yeah, huh?

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