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disgusting bug dream

May 23rd, 2007 at 11:55

(11:49:50 AM) alibee: i had a dream last night that some guy touched my ass and i was pissed and punched him in the throat.
(11:50:10 AM) alibee: then i dreamt that i had contracted some terrible, deathly disease and the dream was trying to get to the hospital.
(11:51:00 AM) alibee: and it was a hospital in a mall, but it was … like, on floors above the mall and was a real hospital. the my disease involved bugs all inside me, taking over my body. (REVOLTING might i add…)

I contracted the bug dream via a present we gave a little kid. He took the present apart and then these pillbug-like things started breaking down into smaller and smaller bugs that then infested me. I remember that I kept spitting out gobs of them. Getting to the hospital was horribly hard… first we took an elevator and then had to walk, and I remembered being to this hospital before. Then there was some magnetic car “ride” outside the place (our car has going across a place with no floor, flying there via … magnets is what my brain settled on when I saw it, and then started doing loops over the seated waiting area) where I had to check in where B was having a hard time setting the car down.

Featured guests: B, Caroline, Elyssa, bugs.

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