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wow vs. coh

October 30th, 2006 at 10:26

It’s true, I started playing WoW this weekend. I’m now a level 10 druid.

Some things I’ve noticed between CoH and WoW:

CoH allows for a much greater variety in character builds, physically as well as skill-wise. For example, I was a mutation-based defender with radiation and dark matter, a build I only saw once or twice, and I never saw anyone who looked remotely like me. Now I’m a night elf druid — and all druids are night elves, and all of them have the same basic skills (balance, restoration, feral combat), and there’s a very limited number of physical qualities a character can have. The main ways you can distinguish yourself in WoW are through how you buff your talents (which is no different than buffing your powers in CoH)… but you can have EVERY talent in your class, as compared to CoH where you can only have a certain number of them… and through your professions (right now I’m a skinner and leather worker).

Early in CoH’s days, the WoW world absolutely dwarfed it. However, I’ve not played it since they connected CoH and CoV, so I can’t say much to that now.

Also, I hate that there’s no way to target in WoW (that I’ve discovered) other than clicking. Argh.

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