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wedding post 5 (a series): The Reception

October 27th, 2006 at 10:40

The Reception, aka When Time Flewwwww

While we took a few photos with the photographer, trying to make up for lost time and doing the family and bridal portraits, people were eating yummy appetizers (which were kindly passed to us while we were doing pics… yum!). Then everyone was shooed upstairs, where we performed our grand entrances. The groomsmen entered to the Super Mario Bros. theme song; the bridesmaids, to the Imperial March from Star Wars. Finally, we were introduced, to a jazzy rendition of the Simpsons theme. :)

Dinner was shoveled quickly; the little bit I had (we had a gigantic buffet) was tres yum. Then it was on to speeches; Jamie and Caroline managed to make me cry, and I know I said something, but it was really my dad and Brandon who took the show. First, my dad gave a hilarious speech that had everyone cracking up. Maybe when I get the video I can either take a clip or transcribe it; suffice it to say that I was in turn embarrassed and completely amused by him. Then Brandon decided, during his speech, to give camels in exchange for me. So, he gave my dad one camel, and somehow my dad psychically divined that this was the time to mention that the real person my new husband had to contend with was my mom — at which point Brandon pulled out two more camels to give her. (It seemed rehearsed, but it truly wasn’t.)

It was at this point that time really, really started to fly; I talked to guest after guest, feeling frustrated that I couldn’t spend much time with each person but wanting to make sure that they understood how happy I was to have them there. Brandon and I performed our first dance, which we had been practicing for months and months, to Harry Connick Jr’s “We Are In Love”; then Caroline made a snarky comment to me about how I flew out of my dressed so I proceeded to spend the entirety of my dance with my dad (to Ella’s “Too Wonderful For Words”) wondering if I really DID pop out of my dress. (Did I? Someone tell me honestly!) Brandon and his mom danced to “Hit The Road, Jack” (which I got pulled into at the end), and then we were whisked away to do sunset photos with the photographer and videographer.

Some funny things happened on that beach. First off, Brandon and I couldn’t stop kissing, and the videographer was totally digging that, to the point that it made me think we were filming something a little… naughty. Then, of course, it was a little breezy (it had been during the wedding, too), but for the first time in my life, I was absolutely ROASTING from the adrenaline. The pictures we got with the sunset were really awesome, and then we returned to the reception, where everyone was mixing and dancing.

When we returned, something strange happened; we were on the dance floor, and then suddenly a giant ape appeared with some roses. It handed the roses to me, and we started dancing, with me laughing and everyone wondering what the heck was going on. (If I recall correctly, “Jungle Boogie” was playing.) Then the ape started making serious moves on my mom. So, we’re all dancing around with this big gorilla when he decides to pull his mask off — it was my dad, fully embracing our silly little “monkeys in love” theme. It was hilarious and unexpected :) My dad rules!

Other things that were amusing: Mary (of Mary’s Futons in Northern California) dedicated “Sunrise, Sunset” to Brandon and I, and sang along (which was funny because she didn’t know the words so she was making it all up); we did the cake cutting, and while we didn’t smoosh each other, we did have fun with the frosting (our cake flavors were carrot cake, white cake with olallieberry filling, both covered with butter cream, and the top layer was cheesecake that was saved for the next morning); we went around and talked to TONS of people; we did a chair dance and some really basic Jewish dances. :) (Might I add that all my non-Jewish guests KICKED BUTT at this stuff.)

Anyway… either it took a long, long time for those photos on the beach, or time was passing in some sort of quantum fashion, becase I had no idea how late it was until the videographer asked me if I wanted him to stay and I was like, what time is it? He told me it was 9 and I was *shocked*.

And then, it was over. We got shooed off to our honeymoon suite, where there was an incredibly fragrant bouquet of flowers waiting that Brandon had set up for me earlier. It was really nice getting to spend “alone” time with him after everything, I must say, but after some marital stuff, we decided that we weren’t ready for bed yet so we went to the groomsmen suite and harassed folk there for a little while. (It was at this point that I felt I really got to know some of B’s friends who had come to visit — mainly Frank/Megs and Pauly/Livia, so I was happy for that time.) Then we went to bed for earnest.

The next morning, we shared our cheesecake with all of the people who stuck around for breakfast, and played with my dad’s Segway. Then Brandon’s dad took us to the airport so we could fly to Fiji.

And it was OVER! *sob*

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