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wedding post 4 (a series): The Ceremony

October 25th, 2006 at 14:07

Robin’s own post about getting married to Adam this weekend made me realize that I never recapped the wedding ceremony and reception. Oops.

The Ceremony

Granted, it’s been over two months now, but I can still remember that I was frustrated the night before with Brandon because of the havoc with the poker party and the setting up of the wedding details, and that I didn’t want to have to do my apologizing to him when we saw each other in front of the Rabbi. So, I called him up and he ran over to the room and we kissed and I made sure that everything felt okay. Caroline didn’t even give me very much grief, for which I was thankful (I would like to mention here that I had the best MoH ever!!!!!!!111one).

After that, we sent the first troop of women (Brenda, Elyssa, and Sari) off to the salon to start being beautified while Caroline, Laurie, my mom and my aunt had breakfast. (Um, was I supposed to be in the mood for food?) Then we made our own trek to Miss Mae’s, which is probably the coolest salon ever, where we had our hair done. I was a little stressed out at this time, in a way that was only going to magnify, because I realized that in order to get the pictures we needed done before the wedding, we needed to move way faster than we already were. Jennine, the owner, is totally kickass and has the best tattoos ever. (I wonder if I mentioned that before.) Anyway, after we finished we ran back to Seascape in order to start dressing, but we were already running really late. I stopped in to see Jenna and her mom, Sari, and Elyssa putting their makeup on, and then went to my mom’s room, where my dress was located, to start doing my own face-related stuff.

I was STRESSING at this point. We were running really, really late, and nothing I said to my mom could impress that fact upon her. Finally, when I was in my dress with makeup and veil, I looked at myself in the mirror and flat-out didn’t recognize myself. I think that was the first time it really occurred to me that I was getting married. However, this feeling was fleeting as Ben, the photographer, kept calling us and asking us where we were. My mom wasn’t ready yet, my dad wasn’t ready yet, but all my bridesmaids were (which was awesome). Finally, my dad and I went to the van and I jumped in the front seat, sitting on my veil and making myself have to sit in this very strange position because it was pulling my head backwards.

Ultimately, we didn’t get to the main building until after the guests had started arriving. I opened the car door and my mom and sister both started yelling at me: “DON’T GET OUT OF THE CAR!” I saw Casey wave at me, and yelled back at them, “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M MOVING?” We were a charming group, to be sure. We got escorted upstairs, where there was food waiting (I was hungry at this point) and did some fun photos with Ben and his assistant, and got our flowers. OH MAN were the flowers awesome; my bouquet was all terracotta roses and the color on them was stunning. Everyone’s bouquets looked awesome with their dresses. (I cannot recommend The Flower Ladies — aka Nancy Lingemann Marcia Lipsenthal — enough; the amazing work they did during my sister’s wedding made me positive that I wanted them to do mine, and what they did at mine was breathtaking.)

We spent the next I don’t know how long hanging out in this room, watching people below arrive. I remember seeing Meshel and David from above, and Pauly’s mohawk (which made me laugh aloud), and Dina and Ava and so many friends that I hadn’t been able to see for a while whose presence was so important to me. I was nervous as all heck, but things still passed so, so quickly. I remember hearing that the glass we were going to use for the wine toast had been blown over by the wind, and that they had to find another. I remember that they were worried that the ketubah was going to blow over, too. I could see the flowers down the aisle, that looked absolutely fabulous. Then, the music started and we were on.

My mom and dad had to hold me back while walking me down the aisle, because I was practically running. The minute that I saw Brandon in all of his handsome glory, I was propelled by the absolute positive need to be down there to get this thing started. We held both of each other’s hands constantly and laughed, cried, and laughed more throughout the ceremony; he kept telling me how much he loved me (and how hot I looked) as the rabbi spoke. I honestly cannot remember anything about the ceremony other than what happened up at the altar; I never imagined that I would have a wedding where I would laugh so much, and that made me happy because it reflects perfectly on our relationship.

We each read lines from our vows:

Today I love you completely, as I did yesterday and as I will tomorrow. I will be there for you when you need me most. I will hold you in my heart just as I hold you in my arms. I will share in your dreams, delight in your joys, and comfort you in your sorrows. I will be your confidant, your counsel, your friend, and your lover. When you are not within my sight, you will be within my thoughts. At this moment you are all that I know and all that I see. You are my life; you are my dreams; you are my joy; you are my love; you are my everything. As we grow old together and our love matures, may we hold on to the passion and affection for each other we feel today.

I could see Brandon’s friends standing behind him, especially Frank, who looked so incredibly pleased about the entire thing. Then, during the kiss, Brandon dipped me and we were married.

It was perfect.

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