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weird-ass dream

October 13th, 2006 at 10:36

I have NO idea where this came from, but certain people out there will be amused.

In my dream, Jenna and I were hanging out in her apartment when she got a call and was talking to a person, but trying to be sly about it and hide it from me. Finally, she tells me she has to leave because Marc Sasson is coming over. I get very, very angry that she never told me that she was friends with him still, and that she was keeping it a secret (she was acting extremely suspicious), and get into a gigantic crying argument with her about it. I drive home and run downstairs and she and Marc follow me (but are far enough behind that they’re just guessing that I went home), so I turn off my cell phone ringer and hide. My thinking at this point was that if she calls me from outside, and my cell phone doesn’t ring, she might think I’m not home yet (because she can’t look in the garage to see if my car is there, thanks to the automatic door). However, as I’m thinking this, she climbs in the window.

Yeah, huh?

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