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wedding post 3 (a series): The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

September 3rd, 2006 at 22:36

The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

We woke up far earlier than seemed right to go to Santa Cruz for the rehearsal, which was at 11. However, we did not make it on time thanks to a stop at McDonald’s for breakfast at McArthur Ranch that took far longer than anticipated. However, we did well anyway, and Laurie tooled along behind us in a rental car.

Brandon did NOT look well at the rehearsal. It turns out that he was worse than hung-over; nope, he was hung-on when he woke up! Suffice it to say that I was wondering just what the heck they did at the arcade that could leave a man that color of green the next morning. (They drank a lot at a bar after the arcade. There ya go.)

After going through the setup with the coordinator (including our example of “how NOT to kiss at the altar”, which included my leg slung around him), we went to finalize some things in private. I mean, I thought we went… it turned out that Mr. Hungover decided that he didn’t need to be involved and that he’d go have lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. (Granted, normally I would have been totally okay with this, but you know how it is pre-wedding; I was stressed and feeling overwhelmed and resentful that he got to hang out with friends feeling vomitous while I had to sit in the coordinator’s office and iron out crap.) So, when I got to that restaurant, I was decidedly UNhappy… and then my dad showed up at the window with his Segway, which we rode around for a while and which made me feel much better. Vroom!

You see, my dad has a Segway. He’s had it since they came out. Where he lives, on this little island with two-way roads that might as well be one-way, the Segway is the perfect way to get around. And, he’d decided that he wanted to “trick it out”, per se, so he turned it over to the Segway people to get big off-road tires and lights and neato stuff added to it. However, it wasn’t ready when we had to leave to go to Santa Cruz, so they gave him a loaner Segway (did you know there were even loaner Segways?) which he brought down and tooled around with. Many guests tooled around on it, as well (but not at the wedding or reception, because my mom put her foot down).

After that, we went to start the poker tournament, which Brandon and I had been planning from Madison (which also started off badly… not least of all because we forgot all the prizes at home in our freezer [so it wouldn’t melt in the swelter of the Madison summer]). I was kicking ass and taking names until I gave my spot to Frank (who had been booted but then ended up coming in third place in the overall tourney) because I went to do something else… which totally escapes me now… but I do know that I ended up watching some bratwurst-eating contest on the TV which made me feel like I was right smack dab back in Wisconsin. And, I got to know Frank and Megs, the only of Brandon’s groomsmen that I didn’t know and his wife who r0xx0rs.

Then we had dinner at Palapas across the street, and Sari and Elyssa and Frank and my aunt all gave speeches and they were completely touching. (You know what’s awesome about speeches? When you learn something about your intended that you didn’t know, or that reaffirms what you’re marrying them for. That’s what Frank’s speech was like for me.) Then my aunt gave me one of my grandmother’s necklaces, which amazingly went PERFECTLY with my wedding dress. I couldn’t express how … it was meant to be.

Right. Then we signed the ketubah (since we weren’t seeing each other before the wedding, which didn’t happen ;) ) and the license with our witnesses (our matron of honor, Mrs. Caroline, and best man, Mr. Jamie). AND THEN we went back and finished the poker tourney, (first place: Brandon, who gave the poker set to Josh; second place: Josh; third place: Frank, who wonk a 8-pack of summer brews) and then went to bed for my last night as a single woman!

But one more thing needed to happen… Laurie called me downstairs, and I walked down to find all the lights off, which made me very, very nervous (since I know Laurie well enough to not trust her in the dark ;) ). Then this green spinnery started! It turned out that she’d found glow sticks in one of the cabinets in the room, so we spent a good 15 minutes whipping them around.


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