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wedding post 1 (a series): Stuff Before The Bachelorette Party

August 31st, 2006 at 18:44

Okay, it’s been three weeks now, so I’m gonna try to remember how things went.

Stuff Before The Bachelorette Party

The first thing that happened: our flight from Madison to Chicago was cancelled. Luckily, it worked out fine in the end, and we got to California in time to go to sleep after talking to my parents. I like my parents. I like sleep. So, it was all good.

Things that had to be accomplished during this trip, before the wedding:

  • get license:

    This happened at the Marin County Civic Center, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Brandon hates this building; in fact, I think he hates all of Wright’s buildings and even the House on the Rock because someone said once that the guy who built it was inspired by Wright. Every comment made by him regarding that building oozed his dislike for it. Personally, I’ve grown up with the thing, and I’ve taken a lot of neat pictures inside it and looked at it all my life, so it doesn’t strike me as terrible as it does Brandon. However, it is completely 60s. I admit it.

    The lady who helped us with the license was totally awesomely nice to us, which I am sure is partially because we were not the demon woman who came in to look up passport information while we were there. Some computers sit in the back of the room, complete with DOS interface (governments are SO compu-savvy!) and written-up instructions on how to use them. Instead of following the instructions, this woman was howling about how she “used computers everyday” and how “these were obviously broken” because she was using the MOUSE instead of the KEYBOARD and refused to read the instructions or listen to what she was being told.

    Getting the license was exciting and a little silly all at the same time, and I took pictures of us filling it out because I’m a dork.
  • have sushi:

    We did. It was awesome.
  • get our hair cut/colored:

    The person who cut and colored our hair was my mom’s lady in Tiburon, and she has her own little poochies that Brandon got to walk while she was highlighting my hair. Brandon’s hair turned out WAY better than any other cut I’ve seen him with, and she even “styled his van dyke”, which was amusing but worth it. The only issue with the event was that it took forever and the place was small, and it was expensive (even though my mom treated us) and Brandon has issues with knowing how much things cost in that he talks and talks and talks about it and doesn’t shut up. In fact, he even talks about it in his write-up of the event. The boy has a problem.
  • have our final meeting/rehearsal with the rabbi:

    Rabbi Familant is awesome. He had us walk through the ceremony, which was not a little bit scary because he had us practice the ring thing we were doing (we did it the Jewish way instead of the not-Jewish way, which involves you putting the ring on your partner’s right-hand pointer finger and them moving it to their ring finger as a symbol of acceptance) and I got all choked up. Now, you may not know this, but prior to that, I was a little worried that I would be pumped up and adrenalized through the event and not cry. This showed me that I probably would. (I confirmed this moment to myself while waiting to walk down the aisle, when I kept almost crying.) Anyway, talking to him, we figured out everything that we were going to do in the order that we were going to do it, and he also told me that his nephew/my old coworker, Ari, and his wife were pregnant. That was awesome to hear! Yay Ari!!
  • give cake toppers to cake place, get my hair trial done, meet the wedding coordinator:

    My mom and I had a “girl’s day” in which we drove to Aptos/Santa Cruz and did my hair trial and went by the place that made the cake, The Buttery. (BTW, the cake was three flavors: one was white cake with ollalaberry filling; one was carrot cake, because they make the best carrot cake ever; and the top tier was a cheesecake which we were going to share with people the next morning.) Brandon and I had made two sets of cake toppers for the cake and we wanted to give them whatever set would work. Originally, we’d made them smallish, but my mom was worried they were too small and had us make 6-in versions. Apparently she’d forgotten how small the top layer of the cake was, though, and when the woman brought out a cardboard version, we learned that our originals were right on target.

    It turned out at this point that we had some extra time because my mom had remembered the appointment for the trial wrong. So, we stopped by Seascape for lunch and had coffees with the wedding coordinator, who went over some things with us (like seating — btw, working out seating was way easier than anticipated), etc. She was fun.

    We headed to the hair salon, Miss Mae’s, which is filled with THE BEST HAIRDRESSERS EVER. They are all tattooed and pierced and generally have the best personalites ever, and Jennine, the owner, really understood what I said I was looking for. However… it turned out I changed my mind after the trial (I had thought I wanted it half up/half down but played with it at home and liked it all up better), but she didn’t care and was super accomodating. That is the BEST place to go. Seriously. I almost want to move to CA so I can go there. (I mean, in addition to all the other reasons why I want to move to CA.) Also, she was working on a woman who had the most gorgeous long, silvery hair. She was one of those women who gets gray gracefully.

    On the way back we stopped at Stonestown and went shopping and had ice cream. My mom is great, and she put up with a lot of crap (at least, in my estimation ;) ) from me before and during the wedding and I love and appreciate her for it. She and my dad are the best parents ever.
  • caroline day:

    Caroline and I spent the day together shopping and picking up her dress from getting its alterations. My sister is the fabbest. Just know this.
  • wrap favors, deal with ketubah, go shopping, beg people to come, be sad about last-minute regrets, go through presents, blah blah:

    The favors (wine charms) turned out awesomely (because I made them all — all 500 — by hand) and my mom wrapped them in a super cool way. My dad made a stand for the ketubah which was great. I bought two pair of new shoes. We called two of my relatives to beg them to come (and they did, which was just… unspeakably wonderful!) and then a third called me to say that he COULD come now, which was also awesome! However, some people couldn’t come at the last minute (one because of illness and one because of something that came up), and I was really sad to miss them and thought about them during the wedding. We went through the presents that arrived yet and I was completely bowled-over by the generosity of our friends and family. Brandon and I practiced our first dance. I applied fake tanner (the stuff I used rocked) to try to make my arm tan from my t-shirt-ridden lifestyle to be more even, and I ended up breaking out in an awesome rash all over my arms (which I now think was heat rash). Brandon called me “pickle arm” (but then broke out in the same rash at the end of the honeymoon! HA!). My dad got his Segway tricked out and taught Jamie to ride it, because Jamie came and stayed at my parent’s house (Jamie being B’s best friend and best man), and my dad also rode it around Tiburon and almost got himself killed. Luckily, no dying occurred.

And then… it was time for the bachelorette party, which will be the next entry!

Brandon’s versions of events!

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