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August 10th, 2006 at 20:09

Hi! It’s now three days to the wedding and everything (almost) is going smoothly!

+ I tried the dress on and it looks kick ass.
+ I had my hair trial and it was awesome (even though we’re going to completely change it when we do the final hairdo).
+ Our venue is alllll set.
+ Our ceremony is going to be awesome.
+ My groom got a haircut and he looks like Mr. Sexypants.
+ The weather has been splendid.
+ Everything that I needed to get done is… done!

– I stupidly used a new lotion on Tuesday and Wednesday and am now a victim of rashity. My arms… oy.
– Our flight to Fiji was cancelled. However, this is being worked around.

I am stupidly excited. Woot!

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