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August 4th, 2006 at 9:42

Work all signed a card for me and got me a gift card for Linen ‘N’ Things to celebrate the wedding. To say that I was touched would be an understatement.

My favorite inscriptions were:
“May your anime nights be long,
may your gaming addictions be moderate,
may your rescue breating never be necessary,
and most of all, may your lives together be filled with good times!” — Zoe
(Zoe is hilarious… hee hee. :))

And then, the fact that four members of my team signed it:
Happy Rob
Happy Kevin
Happy Adam
Happy Eric
(This is because Rob accidentally signed Adam’s bday card “Happy Rob”, leaving out “birthday”, so it’s now an inside joke for our team. Man, I love those guys. *sniff*)

And finally, Andrea:
“Yay Alison! <3 Andrea" I told our CFO that Andrea will report back on how things go... for example, if I vomit. :P My least favorite inscription was Greg's curse: "I wish you many, many, many children!" That one made me snort with laughter :)

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