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the final countdown

July 28th, 2006 at 10:57

Yesterday at work I suddenly realized that we are leaving in 9 days for California. Holy crap. And, I have so much to do… not least of which is spend three hours in full SCUBA gear at a pool Monday night for the rescue diver class. My main stressor is the fact that we can only bring 44 lbs each of stuff with us, including gear, to Fiji. That’s NOTHING! And gear is HEAVY! *freaks out*

Last night I had my third Bridezilla moment. (First moment: doing cakes in Santa Cruz. Second moment: Tuesday night, talking about the processional and yelling at B. Third moment: Last night, generally busting his balls for no real reason.) Ugh, I hate seeing myself like that, and I am really lucky I haven’t gotten smacked yet. I mean, I’d smack me…

Thank g-d for my friends, though. They are helping greatly with my freakouts (props to userinfosilsbycarr especially).

Eric and I are wasting time at work building a proof-of-concept intranet site using SnipSnap, an open-source Wiki (wee-key). As much as I love the Wiki concept, the fact that they only support their own super screwy markup languages drives me crazy. For example, in SnipSnap, if you want to make a table, you start AND end it with {table} (not a {/table}) and to indicate that you’re in a different column, you separate things with a pipe (|). Uh, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

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