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July 13th, 2006 at 18:18

Trading Cards
Permanent Account Edition

User Number: 140090
Date Created:2001-05-18
Number of Posts: 3,201

Alison is:

a) the Del Amitri webmaster

b) someone who has too huge of a web footprint

c) a bit eccentric (in a good way)

d) excitable around children

e) a beer snob

f) in possession of a massive quanitity of random oldies lyrical knowledge

g) easily entertained

h) geeky

i) either runrunrunning or asleep

j) pretty laid-back (most of the time)

k) sensitive to bees

l) really, really into lists
+ nice

+ smart

+ has good hearing

+ uses good grammar
– sassy

– talks a LOT

– has a slight Diet Coke addiction

– likes to correct other people’s grammar
Special Skills: fast talkin’, violining, using big words, screaming VERY LOUDLY, SCUBA diving
Weapons: VERY LOUD scream, very bad violin screeching, the Tangent Of Doom
Nemeses: college football fans, the exceedingly stupid

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