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pain, pain, go away

July 12th, 2006 at 9:35

I hate it when they hit me in the middle of the night and wake me up. I hate them more when two forms of Imitrex just make me barely able to open my eyes.

Grrr! However, I am at work like a good little minion.

In other news, after giving myself a shot (I took a pill first), I fell back asleep and dreamt that Molly was making me drive her car, that had no gas, to the gas station, and I was loopy (from the meds, actually) so in the dream I kept telling her that I couldn’t drive because I was too drunk. And then I felt weird about telling her I was drunk, and I was still driving the car, anyway. What?

I also dreamt that I had a knife sticking out of my shoulder, but that was before I had the headache and I really have no frickin’ clue what it was supposed to represent (or if it even was supposed to be anything at all).

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