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you steal my shadow, you make my blood run dry

July 5th, 2006 at 13:35

Something that I’ve noticed about short weeks is that you don’t get the ramp-up before things go headfirst to hell; instead, you show up Wednesday to find that everything around you is f’d up. The good side, however, is that I’m still so rested from the fun shenanigans of the weekend that I’m more amused than irritated right now.

I’m not expecting that to last long, but whatcha gonna do?

Brandon and I were hoping to take a rescue diver class starting tomorrow but it looks like there’s too much of a conflict with our honeymoon. This makes me hope/pray that nothing bad happens to either of us on the trip that this class could have avoided… or hope that whoever we dive with is hot, should I need CPR.

‘Cause we all know you only wanna get CPR from someone hot.

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