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July 27th, 2005 at 9:06

I dreamt about my toothsistah userinfoseien last night. We were dealing with fishes in gallon ziplock bags in my parents’s master bathroom, and there was this blowy-up one that I thought was a seahorse but it turned out to be a toy for a tank. Then I thought I lost all her fish in my bag but my dream-self was saved when I realized that the full bag I had been holding was down on the floor and I was holding a different, empty one.

It is slowly occurring to me that this is incredibly boring.

Anyway, she started freaking out and then was calmed and THEN one of her fish started doing weird stuff to the water and the bag she was holding started filling up with things that looked like guppy filets and she said that this fish was doing that because it couldn’t eat the algae in the water so it turned it into meat and THEN ate it.

What the hell!

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