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no more stitches!

June 20th, 2016 at 16:38

Max has his last (I believe) eye surgery last Wednesday, woo! It was really just an exam under anesthesia as well as removing the rest of his stitches, which is essentially what we’ve been doing these last three times.

As before, we had the first (7:30 — aka obnoxiously early) appointment, so that our ophthalmologist could accompany, and we had the same surgeon go in and take a look at both eyes. The main difference this time was how we pre-medicated; I mentioned that he was slow to wake to the anesthesiologist, who recommended that we forgo the Versed and have me come in for the masking, instead. I gave Max both options and he also wanted that route (although knowing him, I think he was more interested in the part where I said that I would be with him), but having gone through it before, I was prepared for it being somewhat difficult for him to go down… we wheeled him into the surgical suite and he instantly no longer wanted to be laying down, he wanted me to hold him, and he started fighting and being obviously frightened. So, he ended up going down hard — I described the noise that he made as he screamed into the mask being like a tornado siren winding down — and I went back into the waiting room feeling sad (because even if I know that it’s for the best, it’s awful).

I made friends with some of the families who had been there when we arrived as well, talking to a mom of twins with CF who had traveled from Bishop to be there for a procedure for one of her twins (non-CF related, but not only did they have a very genetically rare form, their other daughter had had repeated heart surgeries) as well as a dad who had a son who was born at something like 28w. It was interesting that all of us were “repeat offenders” in the surgery center, so we were all fairly lax and laid-back. Dr. Cooper showed up REALLY quickly and let me know that they could take all the stitches out, and to express again her admiration of Dr. Ta’s work, which felt great. Then, they told me that I was needed back in recovery…

…because Max came up as hard as he went down and they were restraining him as he SCREAMED HIS HEAD OFF. I could actually hear him when I walked in, and I had had no idea that he was having a problem — but I recognized that scream/yell/cry :( He was trying to hit and kick everyone, and pull his patch off and his IV out. I tried to calm him, so he started yelling at me, but we worked through a very difficult recovery from anesthesia to the point that he was able to lay still and rest.

We won’t likely need another surgery, from everything they’ve told me, but we have a follow-up in July to see how his vision is progressing. He IS opening his eye more fully, so while he still will squint that eye shut, he is opening it as much as the other was opened, as well. :D

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