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April 29th, 2016 at 14:21

Max went back to visit Dr. Cooper a few days after his exam and left with glasses! Woo! He got a pair of sports glasses to wear instead of the shield because it’s so much easier to not have to put tape on his face, and it gets him prepared for wearing them full-time going forward. He had been actually opening his eye under the shield as well, so having something that isn’t obstructing his vision in front of that eye would be better than something opaque (although his vision is still impaired there so it’s not like he has great focus, and is closing it probably to make it easier to see).

So, the glasses have no correction in them currently, and the lenses will be replaced by ones which do when we know more about his vision. He’ll have the stitches removed in May and then ~3 weeks later, we’ll measure his prescription and update, and possibly also get “normal” glasses as opposed to the sports frames, depending.

He looks mighty cute.

He went back to school this week every day for a full day other than yesterday (which was Bring Your Kid To Work day at Brandon’s work), and his anger is totally out of control about the whole thing. Hopefully, next week will be easier…

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