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April 22nd, 2016 at 9:58

Dealing with Max’s anxiety is one of the hardest things for me to emotionally cope with. Since he’s cleared to go back to school, we were trying to get him to go to school this morning early (Brandon would be staying there with him) because he said it overwhelms him when all his friends run up to him at once. I explained to him that he if was there first, his friends would show up one-by-one, and then he wouldn’t be crowded.

While the rest of the morning was fabulous, he wouldn’t let us put him in the car. (I did my absolute best jollying and hugging routine but he was not having it.) Brandon finally put him down, and since his eyes were closed, he bumped his arm on the door and totally FELL APART apart for a 10-min hysterical crying jag. I held him and tried to soothe him, and finally let him cry for a while, and then talked him down. At that point, he said he needed a nap so we made him a bed on the floor and I left for work. (As of now I don’t know if they’ve left, but that was 1.5 hours ago.)

I know that it would make me feel better if I saw him just pop back to old routines, because I’d feel like this overall eye thing was not a big deal to him… that somehow I’d done enough to lessen them impact on his little boy brain. Seeing him struggle is making my heart hurt.

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  1. Elizabeth Hartman Says:

    This is not nearly as severe, but Toby had some significant anxiety after he fell out of Dustin’s truck and broke his arm last year (at 2 yr 4 months). Although he adapted well to having a cast for three weeks, the nightmares and constant fears that he had about falling again were hard to handle. It took months for him to get back to normal, emotionally, and even now, a year later, he’ll still occasionally talk about it. It was hard for me because I could handle the physical care, but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional scarring it would do. So I can’t imagine how hard it is in y’all, given that your situation is 1,000x more complicated. I’m sorry Max is having such a difficult time with this.

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