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April 16th, 2016 at 15:15

We had a second follow-up with Dr. Cooper on Thursday, and another this morning. On Thursday we did see that Max’s sight out of his injured eye is stable (and this was again confirmed today), but otherwise, we did no pushing to see if she could inspect his eye at all — and since he’s not opening it, all she could see were that the whites were inflamed. Since then, however, he’s complained about eye pain, is more light-sensitive (but we’re giving him a drop that dilates his pupils 3x/day so that’s expected), and has been even more reticent to open the injured eye (read: not at all), so today we tried to do a more thorough examination.

It did not go well.

Not only did Dr. Cooper not see anything other than the (still) inflamed white, Max’s resulting outburst was longer than any other he’s had so far. He was hyperventilating, and so distraught that it was clear we couldn’t continue to do anything productively :( In fact, it’s now hours later and he’s back to both-eyes-closed.

So: no school next week (week 3), and on Wednesday we’ll be putting him under general anesthesia so we can see how everything is healing, the state of his lens, another retinal ultrasound, etc. (We can’t send him back to school until we have a good feeling for the integrity of the wound.)

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