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in other news, i almost had a heart attack

April 7th, 2016 at 23:29

We got home from the doc appointment to find Nicky lying in a pool of his own urine in the bathtub, unable to stand, surrounded by vomit. When I went to get a blanket he tried to follow me but could barely stand up and his back legs completely repeatedly failed him. His head was tilted, his eyes were all weird, and I was pretty sure that I was about to make an emergency vet clinic trip to put my 15yo first husband to sleep. :(

(He hasn’t really eaten in two days an has twice peed himself in his sleep, but this sudden decline freaked me out.)

The vet thinks he has vestibular disease, though! (Sudden-onset vertigo.) He got a shot and he’s on two anti-nausea meds and I refuse to believe it’s anything else, damnit, because NO. JUST NO. He’s currently wearing a diaper next to me passed out from exhaustion and I’m petting him and … no. I love my fuzzybutt.

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