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post-op visit

April 7th, 2016 at 23:21

We went to visit Dr. T, Dr. Ta, and Dr. Lee today for Max’s post-op. While it was incredibly traumatic for me, Max, and B (after talking to him extensively — and I mean EXTENSIVELY — giving him literally all the power in the world, we ultimately had to sit him in my lap, have me hold his arms and legs, B hold his head, and Dr. T do an exam using an optical speculum… at which point he then beat the crap out of me in anger and yelled and screamed [which I had given him permission to do before we started because I knew this was a violation of kiddo trust]), the amazing news is that his eye is properly inflated, meaning that there is no leakage, that his eye is appropriately white (a little inflamed but nothing alarming), and that his cornea was fairly clear. They could not make any prognosis update based on the visit because he still can’t see Max’s lens but it means that our heavily modified drop application program is working.

Essentially, we have Max do everything: he removes the “turtle shell” (plastic eye protector), lays down, and then we put a drop in, and he doesn’t quite open his eye, but he stretches the eyelid up and the bottom down just enough to try to get some of the drop in. And it’s working, woot!

So, we’re released from surgery, unless we see anything that looks infectiony. My voice cracked when I was thanking them for everything they did for us. Monday we’ll see his normal optho and have a clearer path forward.

And bonus: Max got a lovely care package from his school which included a gift card to GameStop, so we split the cost of Lego Marvel Avengers, and HE OPENED HIS FREAKIN’ GOOD EYE FOR THE FIRST TIME TO PLAY THE GAME AND HE KEPT IT OPEN FOR AN HOUR AND I COULD NOT BE MORE THANKFUL FOR VIDEO GAMES RIGHT NOW HERE’S A PIC!

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