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December 14th, 2015 at 21:08

So much going on over here…

Work: I’ve been writing up a post of some of the things I’ve learned about Yahoo as a company over the past year. Having a nuanced view of this company makes me reflect deeply about the Microsoft acquisition of Danger, and how much I missed going on behind the scenes as a side effect of both being an IC, as opposed to a manager, as well as being a part of a non-transparent engineering organization. It certainly makes me feel strongly about how I want to run engineering orgs in the future — where I’ve seen people on my team succeed, and the kind of management style which I deeply believe in (servant leadership).

Pets: For a brief moment, we thought Ash had cancer. Thankfully, he doesn’t, but he does have high cholesterol (normal for his breed) and a problem with bladder stones (also normal for his breed). He’s calmed on the bitey front — although I now muzzle him at the drop of a hat — and since Sadie’s short-lived appearance in our house, he won’t sleep on our bed (partially because he can’t get there without help). Nicky is mostly blind and deaf but totally recovered from the IMHA he suffered from when Max was wee.

Kids: The best. I adore them.

Brandon: My best guy.

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