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October 20th, 2015 at 19:01

In January I got prism lenses because I was seeing double (yay adult strab). They were 2 prism diopters, but I noticed at the kids’ appointment at August that I’d gone from wearing them when I was tired to needing them all the time, and then still having issues, so I asked the doc if there were exercises I could do to increase the strength of my eye muscles. She was concerned that things had gotten so much worse so quickly, so she asked me to make an appointment with her.

Today I found out that I’ve increased from 2 to 8 prism diopters since January. (Still holding steady at -12.25, though!) The doctor found that my eyes respond to the program that they use to train kids with this issue (usually adult brains have a problem seeing the… square thing that would train you to diverge) so I’m going to start using that, but I also have to have some blood tests to make sure I don’t have a deeper underlying issue, and she prepared me for the fact that I’ll most likely need surgery later on as it becomes harder and harder to correct the problem with prisms (being old means that the combo of needing separate glasses for near+far, my terrible myopia, and strab will become uncorrectable without surgery at some point… and I’m not yet 40, as opposed to being in my 80s, so my eyes have got a lot of crap yet to do).

All my senses are falling apart :/

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