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my baby! and mother’s day

May 12th, 2015 at 18:56

Today I have time to write a blog post because Max has officially moved up into the family class at tae kwon do, from the Mighty Monkees, where he was a white black belt. They let him start that class months early because he was so focused, and the same thing now. I am so proud, he looks adorable in his little blue uniform.

Mother’s day was pretty great, even though I was concerned going in because Katie woke up vomiting on Saturday morning. We had They Might Be Giants tickets for that night, so I stayed home with the kids and sent Brandon with his friend Greg … partially because I wanted at least one of us to get to go, and partially because he’s been so helpful, taking care of me and the kids when I was recovering. Happily, Katie was nearly fully recovered come bedtime, and better the next morning.

The kids made me breakfast (cinnamon rolls and strawberries, and coffee), and then gave me their gifts, which were mostly handmade and adorable (and they also each gave me a mini Build-a-Bear), as well as chocolates and some stuff from Lush. Then, I went to Marin and spent the afternoon with my mom and sister at the mall, where I spent too much money on a dress for the Unravel fundraiser on the 29th. Finally, I brought my mom back to our house, where she and my dad (as well as our friend Blaise and his three kids … his wife is in Korea right now) all had delicious steaks made by Brandon.

We are pretty much the most routine people ever right now… Katie knows what days are and are not TV days, Max loves Legos and asks me every day if he can have more (he can actually mostly build them himself now which is both good and bad for me ;) ), Nicky and Ash are old and annoying/jerky (in that order).


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