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May 3rd, 2015 at 21:00

I feel like now that the kids are older and doing things that I feel entitle them to more anonymity, I haven’t been posting about them as much. That, or the fact that my job has me tied up much more outside of normal working hours than I’ve been previous positions… or something.

Max and Katie have a very interesting relationship. They are close, but competitive, and he is picking up a lot of things from her on both the good and bad fronts — he can spell a lot more words at 4 than she ever could (mainly “yes” and “no” as he answers things) but he is also absolutely not willing to give in to her on many fronts and will purposefully antagonize her with a great degree of skill. For her part, Katie needs to be the constant center of attention — so if you praise Max she’ll be, “What about ME?!?!” — and often will not listen to what Max is telling her he wants (be it in regards to her using his things, or when they’re playing a game, etc). She also loves to correct him.

At the same time, when they play together, it is FABULOUS. They are very interactive and really meld girl/boy games together well.

Brandon has been taking amazing care of me and really is an awesome dad. I feel lucky to be married to someone who is constantly … trying, if that makes sense. He thinks about the things that are going on and makes efforts to improve them, instead of just sitting around being unhappy. I married a good dude.

As for me, work — I work with some of the most amazing people. My team, and the team of my “buddy”, are filled with some of the most passionate and dedicated folk I’ve ever known. Beyond that, they are WONDERFUL people. My co-managers are really neat and I am learning from each of them. The transition to Yahoo has been a huge education to me as a manager and I’m getting so much from working through all the challenges (as well as seeing my old experiences as an acquired engineer through new eyes).

And … I didn’t die two weeks ago! Although someone in the hospital swiped and duplicated my debit card, but the bank caught it. So lame. :D

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