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November 6th, 2014 at 22:25

I finally decided to get hearing aids for my tinnitus and they are making me 300% less of an asshole at the end of the day, since I am less aware of the ongoing assault on my brain by three goddamn tones of awful in increasing intensity as the day goes on. That sentence needs help, but there it is.

However, these are not my final pair, and going through the process of getting the right ones is starting to be as irritating as the tinnitus. The place ordered top-of-the-line aids (these things are expensive as hell, good lord) and it only took one day of wearing them to know that like my audiologist found, I have better-than-normal hearing accompanied with frequency-specific hypersensitive hearing and thus I do NOT NEED AMPLIFICATION. So.

10/16: Get new aids that are way too fancy (Resound Verso 7). Decide to try one program with low amplification just in case, and then masking programs on the other channels.
10/21: Tell him about my experience and find out that the guy didn’t mute them when he added the masking in, which explains why every time my kids came near me I almost slapped them because they were making me deaf. Teach the guy how to mute the mics, tell him I want to downgrade.
10/28: Add new programs and talk about how I need to downgrade. I give him some models to look at, he says he’ll order the Resound 5s and some Widex with Zen programming.
11/6: Find out that he couldn’t get 5s with masking and that Zens were way too expensive, and he didn’t look at any other brands. We look up online together and find that the issue is that he is trying to stick with RIC when I am fine with mini BTE. Sigh internally.
11/13: Hopefully this process will be over?

Honestly, though, they are helping a lot, and they are very unobtrusive. The only downside is that by the end of the day I have to use louder masks, which means that I can’t hear my kids as well when they whine/cry from their rooms, so Brandon has to tell me. (Is that bad? Or a bonus?)

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